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The partnership between Canarm AgSystems and Intelia continues to drive exceptional lighting and air handling solutions for farmers. Canarm’s high-quality lighting and ventilation products, managed with Intelia’s sophisticated controls, deliver unsurpassed technology for barn environment management. Together, we are committed to delivering service farmers can trust to save them energy, keep their birds healthy and keep their barn working efficiently.



Save between 25 to 70% on fan energy! Canarm and Intelia bring you the first EC motors for agricultural fans, a smart and energy-efficient alternative to conventional AC motors. Plus, our new ECsmart™ motors run cooler and last longer than common fan motors. Ask us how it can be retrofitted in any existing fan!


Available this June, Intelia’s one-of-a-kind light management system offers flicker-free lighting with extra low dimming and programmable light periods. It offers superior stability and runs at 99.5% efficiency. The Intelia Light Management System will reduce your energy costs, improve bird health, and provide you with flicker free lights.


With a 14-day bird weight prediction and accurate weighing, it has never been so easy to reach the planned weight at delivery and to detect any deviation from standard growth curve during the production cycle.


With its powerful heat recovery technology, you can save up to 50% on heating costs. The ESA-800 heat exchanger was designed in Canada to work well under extreme cold temperatures and has a quick and easy cleaning process. Air quality is drastically improved through the reduction of CO2 levels, ammonia, and humidity. With its simple maintenance system, the ESA-800 improves animal welfare and reduces time and costs.

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